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About using Cookies

Our cookies: Are those cookies sent to your computer from the computers linked to the domain and configured to be found in the cookie file of the browser that accesses the website QuickSearch4. The cookies are intended to provide QuickSearch4 information that will help them improve their services and content for a better user experience. In any case, the cookies used by QuickSearch4 provide personal information of the user, who in relation to the same maintain full anonymity even against QuickSearch4, since not provide information aimed at the identification of the user.

Third-party cookies: Are those cookies sent to your computer from the computers or domains not managed by QuickSearch4 but by another entity other than us. For example, to access one of our websites, as they can be but not limited to the cookies used by social networks, Google Analytics, Google Maps, advertising networks like DoubleClick or any other domain or service not managed by us use cookies.

Each external entity and / or domain must have its Privacy Policy which may change over time, if you are interested in learning more about these privacy policies we recommend to access these sites and learn about the treatment of their privacy.

According to the timeline that are enabled:

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It is intended to QuickSearch4 shoulder put that to use the site is not necessary that you allow the use of cookies sent by but could limit the scope and functions of the services offered on the site available.

Date of last update: 01.15.2015