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Data Privacy Policy

This Data Privacy Policy, aims to make users aware of the scope of protection of their personal data recorded in data files, records, databases or other technical means for data processing implemented in ensuring respect for the privacy of individuals, as well as the removal of personal data could about them eventually registering and were not collected for use in repositiorios information anonymous where it is not possible identiciar a user particularly through the use of

Informática Avanzada S.R.L onwards QuickSearch4, considers that any information relating to a user who may be identifiable as itself is personal information, and therefore sail at all times the privacy and confidentiality of the same. The confidentiality of information about users involve maintenance on files and / or secured databases, so that access by third parties that are not authorized for that purpose is restricted.

For questions about this Policy or any circumstances concerning the processing of personal information, users can be contacted via e-mail:

Voluntariness in data delivery

This Policy is intended to inform users about the processing of personal data carried out by, in order to determine freely and voluntarily surrender or not, of personal data when they are required or that may be obtained from the use of any of the services in

Generally, when to use a service or access certain content any personal data such as name, surname, email address, mailing address, credit card information, telephone number, date of birth or other data entered by the user is requested, will cease to be a Member Anónico and must have an account in your alias identification and will become a Registered User. Delivery of personal data is not mandatory, except in those cases where it is specifically indicated that is data required for the service or access content.

Authorization of use of personal information

Users who voluntarily provide their personal or product of automatic data collection through the use of services available on the website details, expressly authorizes Informática Avanzada S.R.L. established the City of Buenos Aires, Libertad 1559 CP 1016 Piso 12-32 the use of the data provided for the purposes set here. This also implies acceptance of all terms contained in this Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

Access to your personal data

Only users who have an account can have personal data. As a user you can access from the website to "My Account" pre-authentication using password, which we remind you is not transferable, and from there you can update your personal data, your email address, password, and nickname. Notwithstanding the changes you make, QuickSearch4 retain the previous Personal Information for security and fraud control.

Collection and Use of Information.

The collection and processing of personal data of Users aims to use the website, applications and services linked to, also and in more general terms that purpose constitute the provision, management, administration, customization, updating and improvement of products and services made available to users by

Non transferability of data

All personal data collected from users, are for official use only. Whenever personal information is collected as part of the direct relationship with a User, in regards to privacy and confidentiality of users, not assign or transfer such personal information to any third party that is not part of Informática Avanzada S.R.L.

Only shared with third parties the personal information of users that is necessary, in the following cases:

  1. Where there is legal obligation to do so.
  2. When there is an order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.
  3. Where necessary to combat the crime of fraud.
  4. When operation was transferred and / or assigned to another controlling entity.


Occasionally, data may be used for sending communications to registered, with regard to the products and services provided by users or third parties When a user chooses not to be contacted for these purposes, you can:

  1. Login to your account and under "My Account" you can change the option or options available to control the sending of emails.
  2. Use the option included for that purpose in the emails sent by

The user can not avoid sending related to the state or changes related to the products or services you use in where this is necessary messages.

Rights of owners of the data

In turn, and as a result of the guarantee of the rights protected, it is also expressed purpose, to allow access at all times to information by persons associated with the recorded data.

Thus, users can exercise their rights of access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition, which will be mentioned later.

The exercise of such rights may be made effective by each user through communication addressed to, according to the contact information provided in this document.

Made the entry of data by the user on your Account, QuickSearch4, proceed to the rectification, erasure or updating of personal data, when this is appropriate.

The suppression of some / we shall not apply when data could cause harm to legitimate rights or interests of third parties, or when there is a legal obligation to retain data.

The right to demand rectification of data: In principle, the right to demand rectification can be exercised before the falsehood, inaccuracy, inaccuracy or erroneous data having. Its recognition implies the preservation of the accuracy of the information, a condition that makes the quality of it.

The right to require the updating of the data: The update is to preserve the validity of the data, that is, the correspondence of the fraction of information that represents the time domain in which it is provided.

The rights to the addition and dissociation: Users may require information to data recorded will add to it, when considered incomplete so as not to reflect the realities they represent. Similarly, they may also require the dissociation of data whose qualities or characteristics only allow treatment without possibility of partnerships or links with data holders.

The rights to the suppression and subjugation to confidentiality: "Removal" of a data involves final disposal of the file or record, this is their complete disappearance, without any remaining records of their previous registration.

About using Cookies

Our cookies: Are those cookies sent to your computer from the computers linked to the domain and configured to be found in the cookie file of the browser accesses the website That QuickSearch4. The cookies are Intended to Provide QuickSearch4 That information will help them Improve Their services and content for a better user experience. In any case, the cookies used by QuickSearch4 provide personal information of the user, who in relation to the same maintain full anonymity even against QuickSearch4, since not provide information aimed at the identification of the user.

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Each external entity and / or domain must have its Privacy Policy which may change over time, if you are interested in learning more about these privacy policies we recommend to access these sites and learn about the treatment of their privacy.

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It is intended to QuickSearch4 shoulder put that to use the site is not necessary that you allow the use of cookies sent by but could limit the scope and functions of the services available on the site.

About the use of HTTP referers attribute

This HTTP referers attribute (may be the URI or IRI) is sent to the browser with the web address (URL) of the webpage in a manner not our domain when it performs a specific action on our website which will take you to another site. In this way the web page is redirected to where the user can know from where the order originated.

In our case we usually use this form to tell an online shopping portal or third party that the customer comes to your site through our site, this way we can monetize the service that we offer free to our website.


We use advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information obtained from visits to this and other websites (not including your name, mailing address, email address or telephone number) to provide users with advertisements about goods and services resulting from them interest. For more information about this practice and to know the options available to prevent these companies from using such data, click here.

Privacy policies of third parties

The websites of third parties that is redirected have their privacy policies if you have questions about how they treat their privacy consulting their websites.

We use proper safety methods

In QuickSearch4 security it is very important. QuickSearch4 adopt all measures of logical and physical security required by the regulations, and those resulting from the appropriate prudence and diligence in the protection of the users who have placed their trust in QuickSearch4 to protect personal information collected against unwanted access authorized, alteration or destruction. QuickSearch4 evaluate and improve their security systems whenever needed.

Changes to this Policy

If changes to this policy, we will post those changes on our web site which may be accessed through the link "Privacy Policy" and other places that are considered appropriate to notify users about the changes. QuickSearch4 reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time, for which users must take cognizance of it on a regular basis, using the same reading.

What happens to your information when you close your account?

In the event that a Registered User has decided to close its QuickSearch4, our Privacy Policy will continue in force with respect to that user. All your information will not be available; however the user should note that this does not mean the immediate removal of their information. Your information will remain stored in QuickSearch4 systems remain unavailable, but can be used to solve any dispute or litigation in accordance with the laws and / or regulations.

Date of last update: 01.15.2015